Business Agility

Grow your organization’s capacity to adapt and thrive in today’s changing environment.

Maturity in business agility involves the ability to sense and respond effectively to changes, whether the changes come from the marketplace, customers, technology innovations, disruptions, or socio-political or regulatory causes.

Iterative discovery and delivery of value – across an organization – are the keystones of business agility. Building upon the principles first articulated through Lean in the manufacturing and healthcare industries and upon the practices of Agile and Scrum in the technology realm, business agility facilitates harmonization for organizational value stream optimization.

In other words, realizing value for a given context – both internally within various departments such as sales, HR and technology as well as externally with partners, vendors and customers – requires shared understanding for improved and faster decision-making and validation.

That’s what we help you to build.


Our business agility consulting helps to develop:

sense of change

The unprecedented rate of change has forced organizations to acknowledge that we can’t keep doing things the way we did in the past if we want to survive and thrive today.  We need the ability to proactively recognize change and a mindset that accepts change as the new normal.

sense of orientation

Navigating change and chaos requires an internal and intrinsic focus. One consequence of constant change is that the only stability comes from knowing who and what you are. A sense of orientation can guide decision-making in the face of changes. 

sense of response

Traditional change management frameworks provide response mechanisms for changes with feedback loops and response times that are too slow. We need responses that can be generated at all levels, but we need them to be aligned so that the organization is not fighting itself.