Thrive amidst uncertainty and volatility with enterprise agility

We help organizations adapt to change, eliminate pain points and thrive by incorporating Lean and Agile thinking into your organizational DNA.


Coaching Services

We offer a breadth of innovative coaching services, including business agility coaching, organizational design, lean and agile coaching, and gamification training. Our service is proven in Fortune 500 environments and by its organization-defining results.

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The AX Difference

The results don’t stop when the engagement does. We transform your organization to help you finally overcome pain points. We work in 90-day timeboxes to accomplish strategic goals that you’ll benefit from long after our engagement.

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The Compass For Agility Book

Our thought leadership around the Agile approach and methodology is available in The Compass for Agility. Inside is a groundbreaking framework for navigating the modern pace of change. Learn the insights that unlock growth for any organization held back by inefficiency.

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Is a lack of agility holding you back?

We’ve found that too many organizations have resigned themselves to dealing with recurring pain points. They’re dragged down by inefficiencies that, for too long, have been par for the course. They constantly feel slightly behind, and any feeling of being ahead and on top is temporary. Innovation is always slightly too slow.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Organizational dysfunction shouldn’t be the standard.

AgileXtended was created to bring the game-changing framework of Agile and Lean processes to organizations across industries. Our unique approach to Agile, showcased in the critically-acclaimed The Compass for Agility, has been proven to unlock efficiency, empower change management, and drive lasting results that empower organizations long after the engagement ends.

Finally eliminate recurring pain points. Learn to thrive in the midst of accelerating change.

It’s time to go Agile.


Our principles work across organizations.