Organizational Design

Assess and improve how well your organization’s structure and behaviors
align with your stated values and desired outcomes.

Organizational design is an approach that optimizes processes like information sharing, decision-making, and responsibility distribution, while also increasing employee and customer engagement. Effective organizational structure empowers employees to feel highly valued, and drives individuals to delight their customers.


Our organizational design consulting develops:

Structural alignment

Structure is the transformer that converts strategy to effective results. Following the old adage of “form follows function,” intentional structure can trigger desired behaviors both in individuals and in groups of all sizes. It optimizes value streams and work processes for effective delivery of strategic priories.

“First we shape our structures, then our structures shape us.” - Winston Churchill

We’ll help to shape the structure of your organization into something that will provide value instead of detracting from it.

Learning organization

In times of rapid change, a learning organization is best positioned to succeed. We’ll help to transform your organization into a learning one by developing values like:

  • Psychological safety

  • Differences in perspective and background

  • Continuous improvement mindset

  • Built-in time for learning and reflection

  • Dedication to investing in learning and training

organization of the future

Standard organizational charts indicate departments being managed in columns, while the typical customer experience maps horizontally over multiple departments.

Matrix organizations and project-oriented organizations have attempted to bridge this gap, but the result is often a maze.

Old organizational structures are breaking down in today’s rapidly changing world. We’ll help you to craft an organization that’s better positioned for the changing future.