Lean & Agile Coaching

Learn to leverage Agile and Lean principles to achieve your goals and address your pain points.

We start where you are. We ensure shared understanding of vision, establish current state and measurable definitions of progress, identify small, key areas to target for maximum impact and validate that value has been delivered.

In short, we’re Agile about our coaching. We don’t pursue Agile for it’s own sake, but for the value it provides to your business.


Our lean & agile coaching helps with:

high-performing teams

We’ll help you to build and maintain self-organizing, high-performing teams based on Agile mindset and methods such as Scrum, Kanban and XP, for software development and beyond.

Whether your organization is in infrastructure, manufacturing, product development, sales, HR, auditing, or other business services, high-performing teams are foundational to success.

enterprise portfolio management

We’ll train you to apply Lean thinking and Kanban principles to holistically optimize enterprise portfolio management by incorporating all existing work, from ideas to initiated projects to routine ongoing work.

This approach provides an enterprise-level value stream to improve feedback loops for improved decision-making, prioritization, forecasting and delivery.


We’ll guide you to leverage the benefits of Lean + Agile principles and practices to improve product and/or service delivery across the enterprise, so that all facets of your organization grow in effectiveness.

Agile thinking can optimize the processes you use to deliver products and servers, but it goes farther: it can even help to optimize the products and services themselves.