How We Work

We respect your organization’s time and people by working with 90-day timeboxes, with a clear outcome targeted for each timebox.

We begin by shaping a clear understanding of your targeted pain point, then assess the current state and develop potential future states. Based on this shared understanding, we begin the 90-day timebox where every effort is both transparent and collaborative to address the pain point.

At the end of 90 days, we reflect upon our initial understanding and the work efforts to determine how well we have achieved our objectives. We capture lessons learned and decide if we want to continue for another 90-day timebox.

Subsequent timeboxes can be focused on expanding the current scope of the challenge or addressing additional challenges for a layered transformation.


Our approach is predicated on a few foundational factors.


1. This effort is not the only change effort in your organization

2. Change is hard and costly – for people and for organizations

3. The most valuable asset for an organization is its people